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4 Ways to Avoid Nintendo’s Super Mario Mobile Application Design Mistake

For gamers of all ages, few properties elicit more excitement than a certain Italian plumber in a red cap and well-worn overalls. Gaming juggernaut Nintendo mobile application design took to iPhone and Android to build an app. It was banking on this in December when it released Super Mario Run, its second foray into the cutthroat world of mobile gaming.

Mustachioed mascot hit 25 million downloads

In many ways, the effort paid off. After all, the mustachioed mascot hit 25 million downloads after only four days in the iOS App Store, according to data from Sensor Tower. Despite this impressive performance! Fan backlash was extreme, with widespread complaints that the company’s approach to releasing the game was deceptive to its audience. One simple decision caused the company to take a hit in the stock market and potentially cost millions in potential revenue.

So, what caused a surefire hit like Mario to falter? What can other entrepreneurs learn from Nintendo’s mobile application design mistake? It all starts with the question of what classifies a mobile app as “free.”


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