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4 Ways to Succeed in the Austin Job Market

In the past five years, the Austin job market has blossomed across the board. The 2014 Census states that areas like education, healthcare, and tech have all seen massive gains in job growth. Companies like HipChat and Box have relocated to Austin to recruit talent and support the city’s growth. At Rocksauce Studios, we’ve even had several talented individuals be willing to relocate to Austin.

After all, it does rank sixth among the 25 best cities for jobs—not to mention its significantly lower cost of living compared to its friends in the top five spots. Plus, Glassdoor touts over 30,000 jobs available today in the Austin area

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But ample opportunity doesn’t always guarantee success. In Austin, especially, you still have to navigate the market, not only finding the right position in the right location, but also portraying yourself as a candidate who matches up with the creative, philanthropic culture of the city. With these tips, you can create a map that’s more likely to lead you where you belong.

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