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App Developer Chat: Discussing Business and Financial Challenges for Your App

Last time on #AppDevChat we had a discussion about the Business & Financial Challenges for App Developers  in support of the GigaOM powered Eurapp Project. 

AppDevChat is open to any app developers or others interested in learning about developing, creating, inventing, marketing apps. It happens every Thursday at 10am PST on twitter. We post the recap here.

Q1) What are the most important measures of adoption or usage of your app/apps?

 Most obvious is sheer # of downloads but even more importantly its usage rate of return, bounce rate, and avg time using/day.  @TheCodeBender

@TheCodeBender Definitely agree. Retention is at the top. Downloads are a fun indicator but don’t represent a quality app. @apptentive

 Q2) How do you measure the adoption or usage of your apps? Tools

I personally like google analytic’s mobile SDKs. Easy to use, powerful metrics, and cross platform. oh yeah and it’s free! @TheCodeBender

Q3) What are the most difficult technical challenges for creating and developing apps?

Being technologically challenged like me and being talked down to be developers. @getnoticedbseen

Usually unique to the proj. A common one is figuring out the most efficient technologies/approach 2 make the app effectively.  That is from a developer’s standpoint anyway… and always a challenge if your asked to do something you haven’t before @TheCodeBender

The idea itself, you need to be a head of the trend by like 2 feet, and not too far off base..always tough. @justinesgar

When you’re looking for an #appdev that’s important will they take the time to educate & help understanding. @misasongbird

Keeping up with the trends & figuring out new way to simplify. @TusNuaDesigns

Q4) What are the most difficult business or financial challenges for creating an app or an app development company?

Staying in contact with your clients when app stores don’t give you that info. @justinesgar

The ability to sell a project with a technology that is ever-evolving. @misasongbird

Q5) What are the most difficult resource challenges you face?

Time, Money, and dev power (resources). @apptentive

Enough time to educate and strategize with clients as to WHY mobile & apps are so important. @misasongbird

Marketing… its doesnt matter how great your app is if no one knows it exists. Solid marketing strategies are a challenge. @TheCodeBender

Getting apps noticed and reviewed by the right audience. @TusNuaDesigns

Q7) Thinking about challenges to your app business or products, what solutions have you found useful for your challenges? 

Still searching for marketing answers so please enlighten me if anyone has any. @TheCodeBender

I think until someone invents time travel or cloning… is there an app for that? @misasongbird

Join us next time on #appdevchat on December 5th at 10am PST

If you’d like to participate and lead a discussion, please contact [email protected]

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