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App Developer Chat: Wearables, The Next Generation of App Development

Last week on #AppDevChat we had a discussion about Wearables as the Next Generation of App Development.

AppDevChat is open to any app developers or others interested in learning about developing, creating, inventing, marketing apps. It happens every Thursday at 10am PST ron twitter. We post the recap here.

Q1) Is anyone publishing or developing an app for a wearable device or just getting started?


Haven’t had the opportunity to branch into that field of dev yet… but it is definitely intriguing! @TheCodeBender

Developing app linked to electronic tattoo to track & remedy stress level. ehealth #wearables are showing a lot of promise. #appdevchat. In research phase now, not mkt just yet. @christanyc

We as game developers do not recognize any benefits developing for this kind of device with one exception: payment at casinos. @playpublic_com

We have a GoogleGlass, and are currently working with a vendor to develop software for a fitness wearable. @QManning

Also haven’t had the opportunity to develop for wearables but interested to find out! @PlaysTogether


Q2) Right off the bat, are there any apparent challenges in developing apps for wearable products?


Well one of the obvious challenges is hardware. You really need access to it and of course that cost $$$. Then the next challenge is time. You have to find a way to carve out enough time to learn the device’s sdk. @TheCodeBender

Proprietary hardware means tapping into untested software & dealing with issues that stem from that. @QManning.

In regards to challenges, I would think screen size, content creation and discoverability would be challenging. @misasongbird

Last year we did some 100 interviews at most of the game enthusiats will NOT wear such devices. @playpublic_com


Q3) Is there a clear leader in #wearables in regards to ease of app development? Open Platform, SDK, APIs, etc.?


Met the founders of @AtlasWristband they have an open platform which already has a few apps integrated on their device. @misasongbird

Both #FitBit & #Up are popular, with a platform that many different apps are integrating with. @QManning


Q4) The market is thick with “watchlike” devices — but what other wearables have caught your attention or curiosity?


Intrigued by contact lenses that do what Google Glass will do, ID people in a room, connect to payment @christanyc

Fitness is obviously the biggest place that wearables are useful – keeping track of heart rate, steps, sleep, etc. GoogleGlass and similar products offer an opportunity to see the world differently & interact with tech faster @QManning

I havnt got to use one yet but Google Glass seems pretty interesting. As a Florida Native, I have seen Disney using wearable wristbands for payment methods and park entry… pretty cool. @TheCodeBender

Seems like the folks at @wearableX are creating some awesome things with #fundawearand #navigate@misasongbird

We’re excited to see stuff with the Occulus Rift and Google glass. @PlaysTogether


Q5) Fun question time: Do you have a wish list for what #wearables and their corresponding apps can do?


My first wish it to somehow make them more attractive. The smart watched I have seen are slightly less than attractive. My first wish it to somehow make them more attractive. The smart watched I have seen are slightly less than attractive  @TheCodeBender

Love the research into electronic health tattoos. @christanyc

I want pj’s that wakes me up in the morning, set the alarm on my phone and pajamas vibrates to wake me up! In all seriousness, just a #wearable that is fashionable. I don’t want to wear something as ugly as #glass @misasongbird

Giving more real-time updates so I can spend less time staring at my phone. Problem is a form factor that works for that. @QManning

I would personally love a personal assistant app that could help me with my day to day things. @PlaysTogether


Q6) The majority of #wearables tout collecting data to benefit your lifestyle, anybody concerned about being “tracked”?


Not really, because I don’t have to use the wearable if I don’t want to. If that’s a concern, then don’t buy it. @QManning

When are you not being tracked… Just something you have to learn to live with at this point. @TheCodeBender

I would think wearable items would offer ‘airplane mode’ to disconnect, prevent tracking. @williamdnapier


Q7) Any other apps aside from fitness tracking or directions that could be a game changer for #wearables ?


As a father, an app that runs on a watch that shows a video feed of the nursery or something like that would be cool. @TheCodeBender

A “Love bracelet” which would allow your significant other to send you little buzzes or notes throughout the day :) @QManning

Financial tracking. If mint was integrated into my “smart watch” that would provide instant access to my $$ accounts. @nest monitoring on my wristband, that would be amazing @misasongbird

Home monitoring: security, utilities, etc. would be useful. @williamdnapier

Maybe “security issuses”, for example those “avalanche kits” when you buried in snow? another example: finding lost/stolen pets @playpublic_com


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