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Appetite for Destruction: SXSW Edition

Did you catch us at SXSW this year? Sorry if we missed you! We were passing out a special edition of Appetite for Destruction with a SXSW comic in the back. If you want a physical copy, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Otherwise, we�...

SXSW Special: Vote For Your Favorite Appetite For Destruction

Since its inception, Tapsauce has been home to the world’s greatest terrible-mobile-app-themed four panel comic strip, Appetite For Destruction. For over a year, our own John Gholson has written and drawn a new comic every other Friday, creating a...

Appetite for Destruction: VINES!

Sure, I mean, you could share short videos via Twitter with an app named Vine…OR you could get an app that’s actually about vines. It’s your call.

Appetite for Destruction: MANDROID

It’s not an Android phone; it’s a MANdroid phone! Get it? GET IT?!?! *busts head through a brick wall* GEEEEEETTTT ITTTTTT??????

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They took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and asked questions to spark exciting new features.

Rick Heaston , Founder/President of Reimagine Selling, LLC