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How unexpected user interface design Problems Cause Additional Work

Prototype, test, iterate, and release! You might not think UX principles can apply to sometime like Texas Trash, but you'd be surprised!

What Are the Best Tools for Innovation?

Creating a new product requires a lot of different design tools, across all of the product's phases. Some tools carry over from phase to phase, but some are only useful for your needs at the time. As an innovation agency, we've tested quite a few too...

Letting You In on the Benefits of New Product Design

The way a product is built matters more than a great idea. That's the foundation of product design. But how can you make sure product design is done right?

Rocksauce Studios Presents…Quiller!

There are a lot of note-taking apps. Heck, your iPhone comes equipped with one right out of the box. However, there’s one thing missing from the countless apps that let you jot down your thoughts: personality. Rocksauce Studios is proud to present...

What is a Design Sprint? (Part Two)

Introducing Tripini, Rocksauce Studios’ Newe...

Rocksauce Studios is pleased to announce that Tripini, our latest mobile app, is live and ready for your downloads! And there’s no reason not to indulge us in this one: it’s free on both iOS and Android devices. Think of Tripini as the ultimate t...

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[Rocksauce Studios] did all the dev, design & implementation for Gigbee. I would definitely use them again for future projects.

Kris Lentz , Founder of Gigbee