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Episode 1- But Why? Exploding Gallbladders & Origin Story

Join us for our pilot episode of But Why? Where we explore the reasons behind why our CEO Q Manning got the inspiration to start Rocksauce Studios to why he’s proud of being responsible for exploding Michael Manning’s gallbladder.

We’ll be publishing our podcasts bi-weekly to explore the why behind our process, technology choices and some other abstracts to get to know the functional, creative and technical teams at Rocksauce Studios.

Listen to this Episode here: Exploding Gallbladders & Origin Story

At Rocksauce, we ask why a lot to better facilitate and design innovation sprints through problem-solving exercises. In addition, we also pilot, create and develop new ideas, solutions, and software for companies and ideas big or small. Reach out to us today to see how an innovation or design sprint workshop can encourage goal-setting, ideation, and innovation at your company.