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EX Squared Solutions innovation in Digital Marketing

  • 09
  • April 2019

Companies to Integrate EX Squared Software Development & Marketing Expertise with Rocksauce Studios Design Leadership. We’re excited about collaborating with this agency to manage the innovation in Digital Marketing.

(April 9, 2019—AUSTIN, TX)  

EX Squared Solutions, Inc, an Austin-based digital transformation solutions provider and subsidiary of technology and marketing company, Builder Homesite, Inc, announced today that they have acquired Rocksauce Studios, to manage the innovation in Digital Marketing. The companies will be integrating the robust development skills and technology offerings of EX Squared with Rocksauce Studios’ design leadership, creative team, and product development expertise.

“I was impressed by the Rocksauce innovation in digital marketing team’s ability to not only deliver stellar design and application development but also to bring truly innovative design thinking to large enterprises,” said Krishna Murthy, General Manager of EX Squared. “We’re excited by the opportunity to bring that thinking and perspective to Builder Homesite overall but especially to EX Squared’s transformation and technology practice.”

EX Squared Team

The EX Squared prides itself on a collaborative development process that builds vision and value into every project they create for their clients. The talented, agile teams use an iterative software development practice to deliver mission-critical applications that are creative, robust, and secure.

“Right now is an exciting time for technology and industry, with design thinking and innovation becoming vital to disruption,” said Q Manning, Founder and General Manager of Rocksauce Studios, an EX Squared Company. “We have spent the last 9 years building an amazing strategy & design team, and with this acquisition from EX Squared, we will be able to offer world-class development to all of our clients.”

What is expected from Rocksauce

From this new relationship, Rocksauce will bring its user-focused, data-driven design thinking methodology to EX Squared’s extensive capabilities with deep-development, virtual and augmented reality, interactive display technology, and more.

“World class user experiences form the center of any digital engagement and design thinking is a critical skill set required to develop effective solutions in today’s customer centric world,” said Tim Costello, CEO of Builder Homesite. “Integrating these core competencies of Rocksauce with EX Squared’s strong technical and project delivery system will provide the complete set of skills required to deliver comprehensive and contemporary offerings to our clients. We’re excited about collaborating and creating new and inspiring solutions together.”

About EX Squared and Builder Homesite

EX Squared helps companies from different business sectors embrace and drive digital transformation in their industries and the economy. We help our customers build their digital foundation, enable digital acceleration, and become the digital disruptor for their industry. EX Squared is a subsidiary of Builder Homesite, a company dedicated to providing first-class technology and marketing solutions across a range of industries. For more information about EX Squared, visit

About Rocksauce Studios:

Founded in 2010, Rocksauce Studios is an Innovation & Design Thinking company in Austin, Texas, focusing on engaging digital transformation and change products for large Enterprise companies, and bringing exciting Entrepreneurial products to market, such as Dosh. To discover more information about Rocksauce Studios, visit or follow us on Twitter @rocksaucestudio.

For More Information Contact:

EXsquared – Michael Crider,737-241-4380,  [email protected]

Builder Homesite – Eleanor Bowman, 512-413-5278, [email protected]

Rocksauce Studios – Michael Manning, 512-623-7865, [email protected]