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Everything Is So Complex: How Do I Improve my App?

Are you also asking yourself this same question “How Do I Improve my App?”

We’re all just human beings, trying to deal with what the world is throwing at us right now. And it’s throwing a lot. It’s throwing way too much. But we’ll get through it. Together. We have to do it together. Otherwise it’s not going to happen.

Every week I go on YouTube and Instagram and I do these Q&Answers videos to try and answer questions that have come to us from our customers. And those videos are usually about business. They’re usually about design thinking or product building or digital transformation.

But right now, it feels very weird to just talk about how to make your app better or how to get better conversions. The world is dealing with a lot of big stuff right now. it’s been a 1, 2, 3, 4 uppercut, right? Sure, It’s tough to try to wrap your head around doing simple things, and getting back to work can be difficult. We still have to work, we have to get through the day-to-day, but it’s tough.

Sometimes the best way to answer a question isn’t to come up with an answer. Sometimes it’s better to help you find out the right questions to ask yourself. So that’s what I want to try to do here. I want to address some big issues that I’m dealing with personally, that I know that people in the studio are dealing with, that friends of mine are dealing with, and I want to show how they could apply to business.

At the end of the day, we have problems that have to be solved. And sometimes those problems are products and their apps, but sometimes those problems are with ourselves. Sometimes the problems we want to solve are with the world. And it’s a little bit tougher to try to answer those questions. So I’m asking you now to be willing to ask yourself some tough questions.

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Analysis Paralysis

One of the things that I’ve asked myself and that I think people, when they’re trying to solve problems, ask in general, is, Is it okay to have analysis paralysis? Is it okay to not have a damn clue where to start when you have so many things that need fixing? Where do you begin?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Yes it’s okay. It’s okay to have analysis paralysis. It’s okay to be overwhelmed. We all get overwhelmed and things can be a little too difficult to deal with. And sometimes you have to take a moment, pause, and ask yourself if you’re okay, ask yourself if you’re in a position to tackle the problem.

Where do I start?

Once you’re ready to get beyond that analysis paralysis, start asking yourself, What problem do I want to solve? What problem can I solve? Again, when you’re overwhelmed, with everything beating you down and with too many problems to tackle, how do you know which problem to start with?

It starts with passion. If you want to create a great solution, if you want to solve problems, if you want to make people’s lives better, if you want to actually make a difference for yourself or for other people, you need to understand what you love and you’ve got to understand what you hate.

Grabbing hold of these two ends of the spectrum can help give you focus. Passion can be about things that you hate. Maybe you’re really passionate about fighting against something. Or maybe you’re really passionate about making something happen. That’s great. too.

This definitely applies to the our world’s struggles right now, but it also applies to business. These passions are the things that help you accomplish your goals.

What is your skillset?

Sometimes we see a problem and it’s so big and it’s so complicated that we start having delusions of grandeur. We start thinking we can create this massive solution that can solve everything. We don’t ground our solutions with our actual skillsets. So ask yourself, realistically, What is my skillset? What am I good at?

I’m a firm believer that anyone can achieve anything. Case in point with my own personal background: graduating high school, not going to college, to teaching myself design and coding, and eventually founding a company. It’s been amazing.

Are you ready to collaborate with others to start solving the problems?

I think anyone can achieve things if they want to. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to, and that doesn’t mean you have the time to. If you’re dealing with stress, if you’re dealing with overwhelm, you may not have time to learn a new skillset – like how to code so you can make the next great app. You may not have the skillset to get the 2 million Twitter followers for your social media campaign. Of course you may not have that power. Someone can try, but that may not be what one can do.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

But what can you do? You can find other people and connect their skills with your own. Augment and collaborate to create a broader solution with people who share your passions. When passionate people are working together, they solve great problems.

Is your answer the correct answer?

You need to consider the problem you’re trying to solve and ask yourself, Is my answer the correct answer?

That’s a tough question. Why is your answer the correct one? Maybe it isn’t. Is your answer working? Maybe not. So ask, Why won’t my solution work? Why won’t people use it? Why is it failing?

You can’t have blinders on. You can’t have a pie-in-the-sky attitude and imagine that whatever great idea you’re going to build is going to solve the world’s woes. People are apathetic. They’re busy. And they don’t like to try new things.

Ask a deeper question, What are their reasons for not engaging? Get ahead of that curve. Answer that question first because it might give you new collaborators, new insight, or new approaches that will make things work better.You have to know why it won’t work to know how it will work.

What can you do NOW to start solving the problems?

We need to show some progress! Stop asking the question “Where Do I Start Solving The Problems”; rather we need to be successful and get things done. What’s the easiest, fastest thing you can do? What can you help with right now, by the end of the week?

Do it.

Then what can be done in two weeks? And then four weeks? One step at a time, getting a little bit of success at a time, will give you the confidence and the strength to keep going, to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

So start with the smallest thing that you can accomplish. That will help you achieve your goal. Get things ticked off one by one by one.

I once saw a General on a YouTube video and he said he wakes up and makes his bed every day. Every single day. He says that this is the single most important thing that you can start doing to make a change in your life: making your bed. Why? Because it’s a small, simple task that needs to be done and you can accomplish it quickly. And if you get that accomplished, if you check that off your list right at the start of the day, then you’re starting your day off with a win. So the next thing you do will be a little bit easier because you already have one win for the day.

I’m not sure how I can help you right now, but I’m open to whatever that might be. Give me a call. We can chat about software. You can chat us about problems. Definitely we can chat about whatever you want. Give us a call 866.981.6847 or send us a message. We’re here.

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