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How to Make A Bank App People Want

A new generation of users expect more from their software. Bank apps are no different. At one point, having any type of software would suffice, but those days have passed. Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and popular software changed perception of what people expect. So when you ask  “how to make a bank app” or “how to make a payment app” that people want, you start with putting people first.

55% of US adults have at least one banking app. 70% of those say they use the app at least once a week. Even more interesting, is that 41% of people surveyed are using modern P2P payment apps like Venmo or PayPal. Why does this matter? Because, startup payment apps are on the cutting edge of features, design, and user experience.

New players are quick to change and disrupts. All of this sets new standards for what people, particularly millennials, expect from payment software.



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