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Introducing Tripini, Rocksauce Studios’ Newest App!

Rocksauce Studios is pleased to announce that Tripini, our latest mobile app, is live and ready for your downloads! And there’s no reason not to indulge us in this one: it’s free on both iOS and Android devices.

Think of Tripini as the ultimate tool for the sophisticated traveler. In addition to being gorgeously designed and incredibly easy to use, Tripini has the potential to transform a good trip into a great trip (or prevent a bad trip from happening altogether!). And did we mention that it’s free? Well, it’s free until November 15, so get on that as soon as possible!

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Travelers, meet your new secret weapon!

If the first rule of travel is to be prepared, then consider Tripini your number one advisor. It’s a journal, a planner and a secret vault, all in one gorgeous, intuitive mobile app that is designed to make planning your vacation or business trip as effortless as possible.

Tripini divides your trip into eight unique categories, letting you plan your journey as quickly and efficiently as possible

With PACKING, ensure that you leave nothing behind! Use Tripini’s comprehensive list-making system to make sure everything you need ends up in your suitcase, from your passport to your toothbrush.

With TICKETS, always have a back-up of your flights on hand. With LODGING, never forget where you’re staying. With RENTALS, keep track of everything that could vanish with a single lost piece of paper.

Leave all of that paperwork in your hotel safe: all of your relevant info will be safely locked away on your Tripini profile!

Once you’re out and about, never get lost ever again. Use the BREADCRUMBS feature to tag locations as you travel, marking memorable locations and leaving behind a trail to follow when it’s time to head home. It’s just like Hansel and Gretel, without worrying about those pesky birds!

Whether you’re a frequent flier or the occasional tourist, Tripini is here to take care of the hard work and give you peace of mind. Planning for a trip has never been this easy.