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Looking Ahead Mobile UX Design Trends

  • 03
  • January 2013

There are two (vastly different) major mobile ux design trends that I’m excited about.

The first Trend

For one, I’m excited to see the 2012 resurgence of artisanal and hand-made goods continue on through the new year. At its core, it’s about placing value in creative and independent individuals, both in the products they make and how they make them.

Innovative and intuitive

It’s something that has been bubbling up in Austin for the past few years and it seems like many other cities across the United States are seeing the same kind of boom. Its effect on design means that artists are becoming more innovative and intuitive in their field as they learn how to stand out among the crowd.

Away From Skeuomorphism

The other trend I’m excited about is of getting further away from skeuomorphism in interactive design. While it may be too soon to be sure, we can look to the personnel changes at Apple HQ as an indication that photo-realistic imagery within interactive design may be a thing of the past.

Design renaissance

With their famed hardware designer Jony Ive taking over the reins of Apple’s “Human Interaction” divisions, it’s possible that we will see a sort of design renaissance that promotes strong graphic symbolism and iconography.

It’s no secret that the directions that Apple takes greatly influences the direction of competing tech companies and indepedent creators alike. In further regards to Apple, I don’t know if we’ll soon see such a large change to OSX or iOS comparable to what Microsoft’s Windows saw this year, but it’s safe to say that the future of interactive design sits well in Mr. Ive’s hands.

Great Trends Emerge

As of late, the design world has been seeing a lot of great trends emerge as more companies realize the power of great design. It not only helps build brand value and generates priceless consumer interest, but smart and innovative design can help pave the way for “The Next Big Thing”. Let’s celebrate the new year and let’s celebrate great design!

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