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Rocksauce Innovation Agency: Making the Case for Cultural Fit

Good experience and stellar references make an innovation agency stand out, but culture fit can be the deciding factor.

According to a 2016 survey, human resources teams often prioritize cultural fit when looking at recent college graduates—even over referrals, classes and grades. But evaluating fit doesn’t stop when you bring a new employee on board. Examining the culture of your team should be a regular, ongoing practice. After all, an employee who breaks the mold could run the risk of breaking your team.

Survival of the (Culturally) Fittest

Don’t get me wrong: diverse teams can lead to stronger work performance. Cultural fit isn’t about how well your employees’ personalities, ideas and opinions align. It’s more about whether all your employees operate during the same hours, exhibit the same core values and show common respect for each other.

At Rocksauce Innovation agency, our culture drives our team and guides our focus, leading to superior performance and committed long-term employees. Of course, people change over time, and a shift in alignment can cause serious rifts in the team. Because of this, we use benchmarks—including a core value assessment—in our annual reviews. We work with employees to determine how their values align with the company’s culture as a whole. Linking company values with employee actions can help reduce turnover and boost performance.

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