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Q & Answers: Question Grab Bag!

(Every week, Rocksauce Studios CEO Q Manning will answer your questions about app design, app development and the mobile industry.)

There are rumors out there that Apple is fast tracking an iPhone 5S to come out in the next few months. If there is any truth to this, what do you think about it?

I think it is a terrible idea because there is already a misconception in the technology industry that Apple pushes out product too fast. I don’t think so. Look at Samsung or HTC, who tend to have a new phone out every three to six months with each one only being incrementally better than the last one. However, Apple has a much smaller product line and they only have a new device out about once a year, but each one feels like a bigger deal than your normal device. If they are fast tracking an iPhone 5S, it doesn’t make any sense. The complaints about the iPhone 5 generally revolve around it not being different enough, so there’s no way for a new version produced this quickly to be better. If there is any truth to this, it just adds further fuel to the fire and provides more evidence that Tim Cook has no idea what he’s doing running Apple.

What is the best app you’ve downloaded recently?

I’m a big fan of the new Angry Birds Star Wars. I’m really impressed with it. We’ve all been playing the Letterbox game and it’s a really good application. I haven’t been too impressed with many of the utility apps I’ve been playing with recently, but I keep going back to those games. They add new spins on old concepts and it feels refreshing.

Use this moment to plug something from Rocksauce Studios!

A cool app that everyone should download is our travel application, Tripini. It was a client project, but we’re all really proud of, especially the beautiful interface created by Chris Lindenmayer, our art director. When you go on a trip, Tripini helps you keep track of all your packing duties and ensures that you don’t forget anything. It also stores your trip’s itinerary and whatever other information you need for the trip. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play and is free for iOS devices until the 15th, so grab it while you can!