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Q & Answers: Reflecting and Understanding the iPhone 5 ios App Design

It’s been about two weeks since the iPhone 5 came out. Has your opinion on it changed since you picked it up or has it remained the same? What is your view on the  IPhone 5 Ios App Design?

(Every week, Rocksauce Studios CEO Q Manning will answer your questions about app design, app development and the mobile industry.) Today I will be discussing about Iphone 5 ios app design.

I’m still extremely happy with the iPhone 5. Since the IPhone 5 Ios App Design  came out, I took the opportunity to play with an HTC One X and use it as my phone for about a week and I was very happy to get back to the iPhone 5 and the Apple ecosystem and the Apple interface. I’m very pleased with it. The camera, in particular, continues to impress me. This is the first iPhone that I’ve owned where I’ve liked the camera. In the past, the camera has always been terrible, even on the 4. I didn’t own the 4S, so maybe there was an improvement there, but I love the camera on the 5.

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In addition to the camera, what else has impressed you in the Iphone 5 ios app design?

It’s a lot faster. LTE is lightning fast. All of the tests that I’ve done have shown it to be faster than any WiFi that I’ve been on. The downloads are about the same, but the uploads have been extraordinarily fast. The new screen size is particularly beneficial and it makes you wonder how you operated without that additional space. The three GPUs come in handy and the interface is extremely snappy. I haven’t noticed any lag. I haven’t had to wait for anything to load — it’s happened as fast as I’ve wanted it to happen.

People have felt let down by Apple Maps. Has anything let you down? Any nitpicks?

I haven’t had any issues with Apple Maps, although I know other people have. I’m still not exactly sure what Passport does, although I think I’m starting to get the gist of it. I’m not sure if or when tickets or coupons show up in there. There’s no explanation when you open Passport for the first time. It just says “here’s the Passport enabled apps!” and it takes you to the app store where you download those apps and nothing happens with them. I’m still waiting for a time when I need to use it to see if it’s actually useful. As of right now, it seems nebulous. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the black phones scratching up on the sides really easily and that may be an issue, but I always put a case on my phone the moment I get it. I’ve dropped my iPhone 5 more than a few times with no issues.

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