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Rocksauce Studios Presents Small Call, Our New App!

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, Rocksauce Studios is proud to introduce our new mobile app, Small Call, which you can now download in the Google Play store. We look forward to hearing all of your thoughts and feedback — we’re proud of our work and know you’ll love it!

But what is Small Call? Well, it’s an app that Google said could not be done, but we went ahead and did it anyway! For details, check out our official press release below!

New Custom App helps users discreetly reject a call or send a text message to the caller with their Android Device

Smart phones are capable of doing so much these days. So much so that it begs the question, do we even really need them primarily as phones? We simply don’t make as many calls as we used to. These days, with web-browsing, games, and all sorts of apps, receiving calls are now a secondary function of our mobile devices. Whether you’re a social networker managing your own brand, a student researching that next paper, or a business person who gets more out of your email inbox than you do any other feature on your phone, chances are that you occasionally get interrupted with phone calls at times. Interrupting phone calls can now be a thing of the past thanks to Small Call for Android.

With Small Call for Android, when you receive an incoming call, a pop-up appears on your screen instead of redirecting you to a separate screen. You can tap the red phone icon to reject a call discreetly, tap on the text icon to reject the call and send the caller a text, or tap on the green icon to answer. In your settings you can customize individual functions of Small Call to enable or disable the application for calls and texts.

Additionally, within the incoming calls list you can select what happens when you reject calls or if you want to set a new outgoing text response that appears in the list of text responses. Incoming text messages can be previewed in a pop-up which you can scroll up or down to read the entire text without needing to exit the application you are currently using.

Small Call is for every Android user. The things we do on our devices are important, and Small Call understands that. You could be texting, updating Twitter or Facebook, surfing the web, sending out an e-mail or in the middle of a serious game of Angry Birds when you suddenly get a new call or text message. No matter what you do, it’s important to you, and now you can do it without disruption. Small Call allows you to continue what you’re doing without any interruption, a smart app for your Android phone.

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