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Rolling out Chat and Chatbot Technology

Software and innovation technology can lead to a lot of questions. This is why Rocksauce regularly updates our Apps101 Technology Glossary, to help our customers keep up to date with some of the cutting-edge terminology and terms related to crafting custom software solutions for Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. Rolling out a live chat to help answer questions for clients is something that Rocksauce Studios has attempted before, but at the time, the technologies were pretty rudimentary. Chatbot wasn’t something people really knew about.

As part of this, we came across a neat chat technology from Drift.  Drift is utilizing custom AI and machine learning to help answer questions, and route visitors to the right resources here at Rocksauce.

Purple chat-icon

Rocksauce Chat Icon

You may have noticed the purple chat-icon at the bottom right of the screen. Whenever you have a question about software development, app design, UX, innovation, digital transformation or similar, don’t hesitate to click or tap on the icon and start talking with us.

Innovating through new chatbot technologies

Part of our mantra is to be early adopters, and to always be on the lookout for software or technology shifts that can really change the landscape. We do this for our own purposes, to be in the know of what’s happening in the industry, but it’s also vital in making sure we can be up-front with our customers on what people are using.

Utilizing the amazing power of artificial intelligence, as it continues its growth in the industry, is exciting to us. As an Innovation Agency, whenever we can find places to deploy exciting techs, we want to roll them out.

So, if you’re browsing any of our projects, looking through our services, or just have a couple of questions about how we operate, take a moment and pop-open the SAUCEBOT. We’re excited to see how this can help out our customers!