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Textheads Preview: Check Out the Art From Rocksauce Studios Latest Game!

One of the great things about working as an artist in the mobile app field is the sheer number of different kinds of projects I get to work on. Right now, I’m working on the art and animation for Rocksauce Studios‘ latest game, Textheads! We’re keeping the exact details of the project under wraps at the moment (but if you were at Game On Austin, you may have gotten a sneak peek!), but I can tell you that it’s an “action texting game.” As you can see from the images above and below this words, it’s going to look amazing.

The process for creating art for this game involves several steps. It starts out with a hand drawn illustration by John Gholson (whose APPetite For Destruction comic can be seen every other Friday here on Tapsauce). He hands me the finished work and I scan them into my computer, making the drawings into vector files so it’s scalable and workable. This allows me to color and tweak it as I see fit with no worries! This is especially important since Textheads has a very unique style — each “boss” character inhabits its own special world and it unique to its particular environment, so all of the art needs to be as flexible as possible.

The bulk of the project has seen me using Illustrator, but I have used Photoshop to create additional effects. With Illustrator, I work to make the personalities of each character stand out and make the environment as vibrant as possible. I add color, shadows, highlights and low-lights wherever they’re needed. Little details and individual elements make a big difference in the look and feel of the game.

If you want to be among the first to play Texheads, you can sign up here. It’ll be available to both Android and iPhone users, so don’t be shy!




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