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The world is changing. Avoid being left behind

Sometimes we help customers with small problems, sometimes with big problems, but one thing is clear – right now, everyone is dealing with change. How do you make sure you aren’t left behind because the world is changing around you?

When a new situation arises, you adapt, but not just you, your customers adapt as well. When your customer adapts they change how they think, which means they’re reacting differently to your product. So now you have the opportunity to be different, a free pass to change things up because they’re expecting you to. You are much less likely to have a customer say, I liked the way things used to be done than you are to have a customer say, Oh I see why they’re changing their approach – because the world is changing around them.

The Cause of Change

The cause of change can be anything. It could be a disruptor in your industry, so you change to meet that disruption to ensure that your product is as good as your competitor’s. That change is something your customer will understand and will ultimately keep him happy.

You need to modify your approach based on current circumstances but also consider how today’s changes will have ripples effects. You can try to stay in place, but if you look at companies that have lasted over the last hundred years, they have continued to thrive. Every single one of them has one thing in common: they change with the times. Major shifts require companies to consider if their current processes and procedures are still valid. As things change, how can they better serve their customers?

How to adapt

Depending on the circumstance, you may find that you need to have a stronger digital presence than you thought you had. A lot of companies, do a great job at selling person to person, but they don’t do the best job selling online. They might have a website, but that website is basically just a brochure and a way to contact them. The company may sell flour, but they don’t sell it on the internet; they just provide flour and people go to the website and they learn about the company, the history, why their flour is the best flour, etc. But the website doesn’t let them order flour directly from the company; they have to go to the store for it.

Companies like that can adapt and create a stronger online presence: allow people to buy from them directly but still make sales in the store. Then they’ll have multiple avenues of revenue. They can still sell their product the way they did before but now they have another avenue, a new way to be there for their customers.

Companies that already have a strong digital presence still have to adapt to the current circumstances. They may need to change their approach. Perhaps their sales funnels won’t work for them anymore or they’re realizing their website isn’t as robust as it needs to be.

We’ve had this issue happen to us here at Rocksauce. We had a strong sales funnel, had a cool little book that we gave away to people and was working really well. A lot of people were coming to us, talking to us, engaging with our services, and then the pandemic happened, and suddenly our funnel wasn’t quite working the way it was before.

The content was still good and helpful, but it was more helpful for yesterday’s problem, not for today’s. So now we have to adapt, and figure out a new way to speak to the market as it currently is, not how it was and not how we want it to be.

Be Digital First

Take your competitive advantage, whatever it is, and adapt it to a digital model. Be Digital First. In doing so you can approach as many people as possible. You can make sure that you are continuing to thrive as the world changes.

It’s scary. Everybody knows this, but growth requires change and changes aren’t made without a little bit of friction. See this as opportunity to be better, to be adaptable, to grow. It’s okay to change. No one is going to think you’re being opportunistic. No one is going to think you’re creating a problem that isn’t there. And no one is going to think you are changing because you aren’t already doing a good job.

When the world changes, change with it. If you need to figure out a way to adapt, to be Digital First, we’re here. Give us a call 866.981.6847 or send us a message. We’re here to help you solve your biggest problems.