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Use Our Free Miro Templates Design Sprint for Constructive Conversations

We’ve created a FREE Miro Templates Design Sprint to help ensure your remote innovation is constructive.

Remote team collaboration is more important than ever. Innovating remotely can be tough. You aren’t sharing a table to pass things around. There are no whiteboards or walls to post your ideas to. And, we all know typical teleconferencing is full of hard to hear, overlapping conversations.

Head of UX Kati Presley worked with her team to create an easy to follow system that you can access for FREE!

Even better, Kati and Head of Ideation John Gholson have put together a demo video to show you how this free Miro template works in this week’s episode of FindOutFridays!

Whether you’re working with Figma, Miro, Notion, Craft or any of the other amazing collaborative design tools out there, the major goal is to make sure you’re respecting one another’s spaces and opinions.

Collaborative Workflows Using Miro Templates Design Sprint

Collaborative workflows can be major time-savers. Remote collaboration tends to create some imaginative solutions that someone wouldn’t have come up with solo. Bouncing ideas back and forth off one another gets the creative juices flowing. Visual ideas can be even more inspirational. A Miro template, a Figma template, or something similar, offers you a quick way into that different vantage point.

Making visual jazz from another creator’s work takes design and experience to new places, because it helps artists see things differently. All of our work comes from our own worldview and experiences. That makes us unique as creators. But, when we can see how a different perspective would approach a problem, then, our worldview has grown.

Now we’re able to expand upon these different interpretations, and make them our own. That then inspires others to do the same, and the virtuous cycle continues.

Remote artistic collaboration is a fantastic thing. Next think you know, you’ll be creating your own free Miro template for everyone to work from!

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