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Use Rocksauce Studios Apps to Make Your Holiday Better!

First of all: happy holidays to everyone reading this! Everyone here at Tapsauce and Rocksauce Studios wish you the best and hope you are having a wonderful week. Of course, you can guarantee a wonderful week if you download a few of our apps! And yes, this is a “Rocksauce Studios makes incredible mobile apps and you should put them on your smartphone” post, but you know what? I honestly believe the key to great holiday could lie in having a library of Rocksauce apps on your phone. Case in point…

You can use Card-O-Matic to instantly create, customize and send greeting cards to friends and family, all for a low price and all straight from your phone.

You can use Tripini to organize the trip back home, ensuring that you have everything you need to survive seeing your extended family!

You can use Nevus to keep from getting sunburnt if you’re going somewhere tropical for the holidays!

You can use TickTalk to keep yourself on track when your drunken uncle demands you make a speech at the head of the dinner table!

You can use SmallCall to ensure that no annoying phone calls interrupt your holiday fun!

You can use Brewski Me to log and track the incredible beers you consume over a Christmas party you won’t remember in the morning!

And when it’s all over…you can use Medi Weightloss to burn away all of those chocolate fudge calories!

Happy holidays, everyone!

(Do you have an idea for an amazing app? Rocksauce Studios wants to hear from you!)