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UX Design Inspiration Goes to the Movies

  • 21
  • March 2016

Can you get UX design inspiration from anywhere? Sure ya can! Here a few popular films with lessons we can apply to the job of user experience.


What’s the Plot?

Ex-con Danny Ocean (George Clooney) comes up with a complex plan to rob three casinos at once and requires the assistance of nearly a half-dozen specialists.

What Can UX Learn?

A lot actually! Over half the movie is devoted to the meticulous planning of the heist. They wouldn’t be able to pull off the job without making sure every “user behavior” was accounted for. How the project will work is discussed, brainstormed, and put to paper before execution. When it’s “go time,” not every detail goes exactly to plan, but due diligence and happy accidents allow for a successful “launch” – in this case the theft of $100 million dollars. Which we in no way endorse. But it does make for an entertaining film!

Equally important is Danny Ocean’s willingness to collaborate. He knows he can’t shoulder the job alone! As he finds guidance from people who know more than he does about specific areas of his project. He may be the “idea guy,” but he values the input of his team toward a successful execution. The UX team needs to collaborate with the client, the UI, and development process toward the end goal of a great product.

What’s the Plot?

Weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) learns a lesson in humility when he’s forced to repeat the same day over and over.

What Can UX Learn?

Connors spends most of his February 2’s tinkering with different interactions, constantly testing, to find an answer as to how to escape his endless day. This style of testing should be a huge part of the user experience process. Alter your design until the “Ned Ryersons” on your team are startled by your ability to deliver the unexpected. Refine your approach until the “Rita Hansons” are completely satisfied with your delivery.

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