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What are the Latest Mobile UX Design Trends of 2019?

Many users have been asking for the latest mobile ux design trends of 2019 because  most users have seen it all.

In order to elicit a true emotional response, we have to strive to deliver something fresh to an already overstimulated audience. People want to connect with products on a more personal level while being visually and emotionally engaged. As it takes a more technological effort to impress us, the demands for design are more complex than ever. As we reviewed some of our favorite trends, we saw that today’s latest design trends reflect this ever-evolving demand for advancement.

There will always be shifting movements in latest mobile ux design trends as the year is moving forward. Designers must stay current and constantly see the world around us as inspiration for new ideas. As we study design forecasts and try to predict new trends, here are some of the things we are most excited to see in the upcoming year.


The word personalization gets tossed around a lot right now. But it doesn’t just translate into marketing behaviors. While AI and data utilization will become more prevalent over the next few years, design will have to keep up to become more personal as well. For instance, people react more positively to custom Illustrations and it’s easy to understand why. Audiences love it when they come across something unique with a clear voice. Long gone are the days of stale stock photos. Even stock companies are upping the game by adding more candid and personal photos. Users are demanding as much personality in their products as they do in their personal relationships.

The New Flat

We have seen flat design rise form the early days of skeuomorphism into a common standard in modern interfaces. The logic is that as users become more sophisticated, they need fewer prompts for calls to action. For instance, we all know what a button looks like, so there’s no need to make them look like glass or plastic to mimic reality. The problem with flat design is that everyone starts to look the same. The new flat, or deep flat is starting to add shadows and lighting techniques to flat design. It is the logical next step to elevating a familiar style that has become somewhat boring. We are excited to experiment and see where this trend is headed.

3D and Full-Screen images

Now that we have better browsers and faster rendering capabilities, 3D imagery is popping up everywhere. Interacting with a 3D model is not just trending, it is becoming the new photography, in some cases replacing it entirely.

We are starting to see a huge growth in the need for 3D imagery in mobile and web experiences. And we couldn’t be more excited about the future!

Gradient 2.0

The shift away from ultra flat colors has led to the use of more gradients. Monochromatic colors are being used in softer more complex gradients that are bringing a sense of depth and dimension. Vibrant colors aren’t going anywhere. Users love to be surprised and delighted by color. This movement appears to be another shift from the confines of a flat aesthetic to a more refined sense of lighting and mood. It is a beautiful style that has a lot of potential for beauty.

New design trends expose changes in thought and upgrades in technological capabilities. As we enter the next year and beyond, we are excited to see attitudes toward design take on a more human and emotional sensibliltv. There will be warmth and playfulness to the next generation of products. And we couldn’t be more excited about the future of design and where it takes us.

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