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What is Digital First and why is it Important?

We’ve heard of mobile first. And now you’re probably hearing the term digital first a lot more. What does that even mean? It means that it is your top priority to enable your product to be purchased on the internet. This could be through a mobile app or a website or anything in between. It could even be a smart screen on your refrigerator that reorders groceries for you (And right now that would be really helpful).

When this pandemic is over (whenever that might be), handshake businesses will return to some degree. People will go back to finding you wherever you’re at, walking in, shaking your hand and buying directly from you. But digital is never going to go away and it is likely to become even more prominent. We have no idea what the collective social consciousness is going to be like on the other side of our current situation. So people may prefer digital first. And you need to be ready for that new normal.

But I’m already successful…

You might be thinking I have a successful business and haven’t needed digital so far. Why would I need it now? Well, to be honest, you do need it because the Internet has been around a long time. Your products need to be available there so that you can be even more successful.

How long has this task been on the to-do list? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? You’ve needed to get your products online so they can be purchased online, but you haven’t gotten around to it. You need your services online so people can book you, but it’s not happening because you’ve been successful without it. And that’s great; well done! But…

But because being digital was a secondary thought, it didn’t get done, and you are missing great opportunities. It’s time to be digital first. Make digital your top priority so that you’re always thinking, How can I make sure I’m pushing my goods out to everybody? Being digital first broadens your audience and ultimately makes your life much easier.

My product isn’t digital though…

Okay, so now you’re thinking, I hear you. I got it. Understood. But my product can’t be consumed digitally. That’s not what I do. Maybe you sell a widget or a box or some kind of food product. So what does digital first mean for you?

Maybe you sell food; so your customers can’t eat your product through the computer screen, but they can order it. That’s what digital first means: make sure that all the gears are running online to let your customer purchase your product with a digital method. That way you’re everywhere. Everywhere.

This is more important than ever before. And you’re really going to grow your customer base and be even more successful.

Creating a Digital First Strategy

First, don’t read any of the BS that says, “If you’re just now thinking about digital first then you are probably too late.” That’s unhelpful.

Someone is going to need to buy what you have to offer somewhere down the line. So don’t worry about the fact that you haven’t been digital first thus far. But here’s what you need to do moving forward.

Number 1, identify what makes you different. What makes you better? Why would I, as a customer, choose your product, your service, instead of the competitors? What makes it special? What is it? Once you pinpoint that, you can apply it to your digital presence. You want that personality to carry over.

Number 2, is there something special about you that could become its own product? Even if what you sell is not a digital mechanism, is there something in what makes you special that you can use to become an actual product?

  • Are you a self help guru and you go out and give speeches? Create an online course that offers a similar service.
  • Are you a catering company, bringing people food? But a lot of people aren’t ordering from you right now because most businesses are staying at home. Can you expand? Offer cooking classes, teaching people to make your top dishes?

Digital First is the New Normal

There is no reason why you can’t take what you do and offer it through a digital method. Digital First. If you’re a handshake business, you may not be getting the business in the same way you were before because people can’t travel past you anymore. Previously, people would see you off the side of the street and they go, Oh yeah, I need the thing that business is offering. Like driving past the carwash and thinking, Man, my car needs a wash.

That model isn’t working right now because people aren’t driving past your business. You’re losing customers. You need to adapt. You can’t wait for people to come to you. Now you’ve got to go to them.

Where are they? Google. Twitter. Facebook, Instagram. Snapchat. You name it. Go find your customers in the platforms where they are shopping. Using landing pages, banner ads, and keep your social media presence pushing your brand.

Adapt and Excel

If you are just now looking at this concept of digital first and thinking, I don’t know what to do. I have a carwash and nobody’s coming to my car wash anymore. Well, maybe you can find a way that your carwash can go to them. I mean it; try it. Personally, I don’t want to go out there and wash my car right now. Even if I’m at home, I have no desire to wash my car. So maybe you come to me and you do it.

Be creative. Adapt. You can make it happen. And if you need some help and you’re looking at your products and you’re trying to figure out, Well, what exactly do we do? How do we take our stuff and go digital? Here’s what you can do: give us a call 866.981.6847 or send us a message. We’re here to help you solve your biggest problems.