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Why game developers should take a serious look at Apple TV

Apple will continue trying to carve out more market share in American living rooms. The television has been the center of every house’s entertainment for decades, and that isn’t changing any time soon. Despite the Disney drawback, Apple isn’t going to roll over and give up on such a promising space, and developers for the Apple TV shouldn’t, either.

First, the Apple TV is not the failure some are claiming it to be. Last quarter was Apple TV’s best sales quarter to date. The device has robust functionality, and with the right software connected to iCloud, individuals and families can keep track of their entertainment in a bold, easy-to-access fashion. Between daily schedules available on demand, contextual services such as Charlie, Siri integration, and more, Apple TV has a slew of capabilities ripe for developers to utilize.

Disney’s exit may harm Apple TV’s credibility, but not its potential.

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