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Why TexMoji Rocks & Full Access Is No Big Deal

Hi Y’all!

My name is Q Manning, and I’m the CEO of Rocksauce Studios, based right here in Austin, Texas. Like ya’ll, I’m a Texas-native, born & raised, and that’s part of what made us so excited to develop the TexMoji application.

We’ve seen some concerns and comments about the “Allow Full Access” necessity of TexMoji, and we wanted to clarify a few things for folks 🙂

1. We’re not tracking anything on any user of TexMoji. The only details a keyboard with “Full Access” can get are the keys tapped on that particularly keyboard.

Developers cannot access any of the information tapped on the standard iOS/iPhone/iPad keyboard. This is in a locked box that Apple does not give anyone access to. If you’re using a third-party keyboard with the standard ABC/123 keys, we caution you to be safe with entering in your passwords or private information.

But, as y’all know, TexMoji doesn’t have any keys – it’s just a bunch of Texas based images! And, so you know, we’re not tracking which ones you pick. That will remain private between you and whomever you text message!

2. Why do we ask for Full Access? Because Apple doesn’t allow us to add to the normal Emoji library. The only way that Rocksauce, and other developers, can give users access to all of the amazing TexMoji is to let you copy & paste them into the text box.

“Allow Full Access” is the only way that Apple lets us access the copy & paste mechanism. Hopefully in an iOS update, Apple will change this requirement!

Here’s a nice Article from the San Antonio Current that explains it a little. Check the last paragraph.

3. Since TexMoji is simply pasting in images, it will work in any application on your device that allows you to copy & paste images inside. For some reason, Twitter & Facebook don’t allow this.

However, TexMoji works great in any application that allows you to copy images, such as Google Inbox and similar! Let Twitter & Facebook know that it’s silly you can’t copy & paste images into your updates!

After all, it’s no different than attaching an image, right? Plus, there was a time when you couldn’t post Emoji’s into Facebook & Twitter either.

So, again, we’re local folks here in Austin, and only set out to make a great application for all the Texans, and Texas fans, out there. And while the copy & paste may be a little different than you expected, we think that once you start sending TexMoji to friends and family, you’ll fall in love with it as much as we did!


Download TexMoji here.

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