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Design Sprints

Indecision is actually the worst decision. We’ll fix that.

All businesses face big challenges. But sometimes, picking the right way to solve a problem gets you stuck in a cycle of indecision. Seems the more you think about it, the further away the right answer gets, and the less likely you are to come up with a solution.

Enter Design Sprints. Design Springs bring the right people together to uncover root issues and an action plan to move forward. Whether it’s virtually or in-person, our Design Sprints help bridge gaps and uncover what’s wrong, who it’s wrong for, why there’s a problem, and what to do about it.

Rocksauce fully integrates with your team, gets deep into the nitty-gritty, understanding your business needs + all the little details that matter. By the end of the week together, we’ll use our 11+ years of product building experience to help you create and test a prototype. No more indecision. It’s time for action.


Ready to start a Design Sprint?

A day-by-day breakdown

The Rocksauce Design Sprint

Workshop Day One


You + Rocksauce

Focus on defining the challenge, the project goals, the key users + best path forward to success. End the day with a prototype sketching.

  • Uncover Challenges
  • Define Goals + Generate Solutions
Workshop Day Two


You + Rocksauce

Focus on defining the right flow for the prototype, then refining the exact user-flow (necessary for the testing that happens on Day Five).

  • Curate + Decide On Best Solutions
  • Define Prototype with a Storyboard
Prototyping Days

Wed + Thur


After the conclusion of our first two days together, the Rocksauce crew will regroup to construct a functional design prototype.

  • Design + Build the Prototype
  • Recruit + Schedule User Tests
Testing Day


Users + Rocksauce

The last day of the Design Sprint, Rocksauce will test with 5 real users to validate the ideas and decisions from our workshop.

  • Test Prototype with 5 Real  Users
  • Organize Feedback + Start Scope

The Rocksauce Design Sprint

We have a relentless thirst to make lives better through what we build and how we do things. We know problems don’t suddenly get solved because the clock says it’s 5 PM. And we also know that you rely on things running smoothly and efficiently. That’s why “good enough”’ is a banned phrase around here. We won’t stop until we figure out the best damn solution possible. Period.


Relentless. Insatiable. Never satisfied. Remarkable doesn’t come from settling. Perfection is never achieved, but our thirst pushes us to know more, outshine expectations, and keep improving.


A fanaticism to uncover, explain, then absorb. Customer problems, audience desires, competing solutions, innovative experiences, and bleeding edge technologies are the playground.


Truthful. Straightforward. Honest. Frank. Never rude, arrogant, or mean spirited in our actions. Ever heedful of circumstances, emotions, and the impact of being accountable (or not).


Responsibility means nothing without accountability. Taking ownership through success or failure. Duty demands holding each other accountable, even when doing so is uncomfortable.


Aware of and attentive to. Empathize with a person’s pain. Add in an understanding of the surrounding environment, restrictions, and needs. Always incorporating and adjusting, even as details change.