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You're facing big problems.

We help solve them.

No matter the industry, no matter the audience, Rocksauce is a digital transformation product agency helping organizations build products, solve big problems, and launch new businesses.

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How we do it

We've helped brands you recognize

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How do you put billions of dollars into millions of pockets?


Can a company get acquired based solely on an interactive prototype?


What does it take to build an on-demand sales platform from scratch?


Can you lower electric bills by cooling the air that's outside?

A digital design agency empowering you to build it right.

Rocksauce helps you root-out the real problem that needs solving. Then we help you design + launch solutions people want to use.

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Did focusing on the millennial audience help increase sales?


How can you make an Inc 500 brand even more appealing?


Can you save lives by giving doctors & nurses real-time stats?

The Market Garden

Would consumers flock to produce direct from the farm?

Our Products

Bring us in to help out a little or to launch your next revolution.


1 - 3 DAYS

Clarity comes from alignment. Uncover the What, Why and How of solving a big problem, as our team leads you through discovery. Leave your workshop with the right information to know you're on the right path.

Ready to Align?


1 - 3 Days

Ask about our different Workshops or get started ASAP!

Design Sprints & PoCs

1 - 2 Weeks

Fast-prototype a real proof of concept solution to a problem. Discover, plan, UX & Design the key part of a new idea or test a new approach to an existing product. Test the prototype with real users to get the feedback needed to make sure it's right.

Get Fast Answers!

Design Sprints & PoCs

1 - 2 Weeks

Get your idea running at top speed or quiz us about how it works.

Strategy & UX

1 - 3 MONTHS

Starting with user-focused research, we concept your product from beginning to end. We help you define key problems, specific interface solutions, tone of voice, goals & approach, then create a full product prototype that we can test with users.

Start Building fundamentals!

Strategy & UX

1 - 3 MONTHS

We're ready to make your product or idea intuitive & engaging. Let's do it!

Design & Branding

1 - 3 MONTHS

Award-winning visuals that drive user engagement & grab mindshare. We create beautiful & functional interfaces to to direct user behavior, micro-interactions that build affinity, & dev-ready design systems to keep it all consistent from design to dev.

Rock your Design Now!

Design & Branding

1 - 3 MONTHS

Update an existing project or have us define your visual language.

Funnels, Magnets & Nurturing

1 - 12 MONTHS

We become experts on your audience, then help you define key traffic & conversion drivers that speak to them. Banner ads, Lead Magnets, Calls to Action, and ongoing email nurturing campaigns with landing pages.

Drive Them to Engage!

Funnels, Magnets & Nurturing

1 - 12 MONTHS

Have us plan your next funnel or get our advice on approach.

Product Launch

3 - 12 MONTHS

Combining any of our design products + development. We help you assemble the teams that work best to execute from concept to development, rolling into support, staffing & lead nurturing capabilities, or any combination of it all.

Build It Right!

Product Launch

3 - 12 MONTHS

Get a full product moving forward or as us to review your next big idea.

Rocksauce Casestory Icon

A Rocksauce Casestory

Solving out-of-this-world problems with the Rocksauce Process

So, this astronaut was just cruising along...

Wham! An accident leaves his rover smashed and stuck in one of the planet's many craters. All of the locals are in a rage, but the astronaut can't figure out why. He's the one that's stuck!

Luckily, Rocksauce pops onto the scene to offer some much needed assistance.

Tell us Your big problem

Our job is to research & translate the problem...

Interviews with key stakeholders get to the root cause of the problem - the astronaut's rover is destroying the native's habitat.

With the problem in focus and a good understanding of how everything ties together, we can figure out the right solution.

Workshop to align vision

We build prototypes then test to get the answers...

So many possible solutions make it tough to solve the problem and the why. A tread is an improvement over a wheel, but is a rocket booster even better?

Best way to find out is to prototype-then-test with the people (or aliens) involved to see what works.

Rock a 5 day design sprint

Get a thumbs-up and roll into production...

The right path leads to approval all around. And way less broken heads! Validation means rolling the solution into production to create a fully baked product out for everyone to enjoy.

Now we're ready for the continuous feedback loop our audience provides, meaning we stay in touch with changing needs & trends, helping to avoid similar problems in the future.

stop suffering & get innovating!

Rocksauce Media

Videos, podcasts and resources to educate & entertain

Q & Answers Weekly Video

5 ways you're sabotaging your design!

Designers and product owners sabotage their designs everyday - and they don't even know it! You don't mean to, but, you're making simple mistakes that are sabotaging your design! Stop!

In this episode of Q & Answers we're telling you 5 of the most common mistakes people make, and how to fix them.

See All Q & Answer Videos

5 Quick Tips Listen to But Why? Podcast Episode 9 Our latest free ebook

News & Thoughts

What's on our minds & what we're talking about


Just a few nice words from some of our customers.

"We [knew] their artistic capabilities. What we didn't expect & really appreciated was how they became a collaborative partner."

- Jodi Frank, Culineer
Rocksauce Studios Client Jodi Frank, Culineer - Mobile Recipe App

"[Rocksauce Studios] did all the dev, design & implementation for Gigbee. I would definitely use them again for future projects.

- Kris Lentz, Gigbee
Rocksauce Studios Client Kriz Lentz, Gigbee - On-Demand Sales Platform and Mobile Sales Apps

"Very professional and adept. I enjoyed the team immensely - consummate professionals whom were a joy to work alongside."

- Brendan Mullen, MKS2
Rocksauce Studios Client Brendan Mullen, MKS2 - Branding and Staffing Website
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