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A dog's best friend

DetailsPal is a Wearable Dog Tag that tracks a pet's activity.

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Dogs are great friends, and also hard work. They need to walk, and play, and eat a steady diet. Sometimes life can get hectic, and you can’t be there all the time to monitor them.

There are many apps for tracking your dog’s exercise and health, but the start-up fees are a bit much for most people to consider investing in, including equipment and monthly subscriptions.


Your pal who's fun to be with

Thanks to Rocksauce, Details PAL brought price and function together. With a wearable collar attachment that synced at daily intervals, the dog’s information was sent to the app and updated the numbers of how much movement took place even in its owner’s absence.

Walks and playtime now had metrics and graphs to display how much more or less one should exercise their dog, and track food intake and hours rested.


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How Rocksauce put the bite into the bark

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Strategy & UX

When creating the framework for Details PAL, several considerations had to be made. Users would be checking into the app anywhere from several times a day to once a day, depending on personal preference and care regimen. While the PAL collar could sync and send data automatically, users still had to enter manual information like food and their dog’s profile.

The app had to be simplistic and large to see, minimizing any confusion or issues while still displaying charts and graphs that were easy to find and look at. With passive achievements and badges, and a single screen with one main method of navigation, there wouldn’t be any trouble or hassle keeping up on a dog’s daily activity, but plenty of reason to check up on it.

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Branding & Design

Several versions of the Details brand were designed, under the initial name EmBark. Whatever the name, it had to be large, readable, and soft on the eyes while still being noticeable. White on a deep turquoise-green was chosen for the color scheme, with oranges and other soft but bright colors to make features such as activity graphs easy to see and understand.

Rounded text styling, profile pictures, circular design, and gentle animations make for a friendly, helpful look without being overbearing. There is limited iconography, and icons used are strongly defined with no guesswork as to what tapping a food bowl will do.

Throw the ball when you mean to throw the ball

In order to give Details PAL accurate time and attention, it was tested thanks to the help of Rocksauce’s own dogs, Einstein and Bandit. Their data was uploaded and tracked often, and it only took seconds a day.

With the combination of research, knowledge, experience, and good old-fashioned Corgi power, Details PAL helps keeping your best friend with you, even if you aren’t there. Dogs may not be able to use phones and apps, but when they can, Rocksauce will be there to make products for them.

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