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Managing mind & body

Mastering the AppleWatch sometimes means teaming up with Rocksauce & heading to Apple HQ in Cupertino.


Energi CEO Josh Seldman already had a great idea: a fitness product that focused on analyzing your behaviors to manage how much physical and mental energy you have through the day. While much of the mobile product was figured out, tackling the AppleWatch was a bit of a mystery.

Rocksauce was there to help. We travelled to Cupertino with the Energi team, met with Apple Engineers for a multi-day engagements, really getting into the nitty-gritty of how the watch works, the best ways to implement the HIG, and how to take advantage of processing power.


Testing early & often, from UX to Development

Tracking & Fielding

With the Apple Watch, Energi can record your vitals, pointing out when you’re more active and more lethargic, so you can chart your day and know when you’re about to crash.

On top of this, you will get recommendations from world-class coaches on how to adjust your daily routines, helping you keep moving and doing your best.


“Great work!  This is freaking awesome.  Well done team all around.  This is perfect for me.”

Joshua Seldman, CEO of Energi

large and in charge

With an event calendar and easy access to strategies on the go, Energi can be the perfect companion to stay alert and live a better life.

No matter how much time you have to work on yourself, Rocksauce will keep on innovating on any device, at any time.

Running on the beach with Energi & AppleWatch Rocksauce Studios

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