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Don't just give a social media shout-out, create a custom video full of beautiful memories.

Breaking the Mold

Birthday apps are prevalent on the various app stores, but there’s one big problem: most of them suffer from pre-teen style branding, coupled with a limited ability to send a pre-built video. For those going to the effort of sending a video come birthday time, this limitation is stifling.

Our mandate was to create a compelling brand that could appeal to an older demographic that wasn’t be served, and build a product that gave users the ability to create custom videos from existing footage, adding a genuine emotion and connectivity.


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Building a better birthday

  • Branding


It became pretty clear during our competitive analysis that most of the competition was focusing on a younger, primarily female, demographic. While this makes sense from an audience perspective, it meant an uphill battle for a new contender to come into the marketplace. It’s Your Birthday agreed that focusing branding efforts to skew to a different audience would be vital.

Bright colors were a given, since the app is celebratory in nature. For the logo, we played up the filmmaking aspect, since that was a feature most of the competition wasn’t even attempting. We created a series of simple, clean logos that were immediately evocative of the movie-creation process, while also tapping into the birthday aspect in an easily recognizable way.

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Open the app, create an account, and connect your contacts with their birthdays. When a birthday rolls around, pick a friend or family member, then you can go through the videos right on your device to pick the ones that have genuine meaning for the two of you. Your job is to pick as many as you can find that stand-out, then pick from a series of visual styles to apply along with music.

We made all of this an easy-to-follow step-by-step process, and that meant the design needed to be bold, bright, and easy to follow. Rarely do we get the chance to work with hot-pink as a color, but with It’s Your Birthday, we knew it was perfect as a brand-defining color. With a pink so bold leading the way, we kept up the practice of pure, flat-color coupled with icons.

Creating Something Special

It’s Your Birthday had a distinctive premise, so it needed to have a unique application, something different from anything else out there. So grab your iPhone, download It’s Your Birthday on the AppStore, and surprise the special people in your life.

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