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Your Eyes Won't Believe Your Ears

Kube literally built the coolest speaker ever, but needed help in getting people to understand its big sound.

The Problem

Kube is a gorgeous, imagination inspiring product that people are immediately drawn to. But the core selling factor of the device is how big the sound is, coupled with its portability and storage capability. From trade shows to meetings with Apple directly, Kube knew that people loved the aesthetics, but the problem continued to be: how do you communicate how big the sound is?

In-person demos continued to convert naysayers, but a website doesn’t have the ability to showcase huge sound. Phone speakers, headphones or small tiny computer tweeters can only replicate so much. How do you show the size of sound, in a format that’s typically silent?


User story driven features & re-estimation give you power

How Rocksauce brought sight to sound

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Strategy & UX

Truth in advertising goes a long way to selling a product. Our first step was to come up with a series of catchy taglines and phrases to define the product narrative. We all keyed in on one evocative phrase in particular, “Your eyes won’t believe your ears.”  Since this was the reaction everyone had on hearing the Kube for the first time, it made sense to use that to start off the conversation.

We needed to back up the message with the right visuals. Kube had a large amount of beautiful photographs of the unit at parties, or on the water, but this didn’t communicate just how big the sound was. We came up with narrative that focused on the Kube, and as a user scrolled, the “camera” would pull back to show the device on stage, pushing all of the sound for a large concert. Immediately, this got the point across on just how massive the output was.

Kube would remain in the same place on the screen, and as a user scrolled, the environment would change, eventually giving way to a rotating 3D render of the device that would highlight specific features that set Kube apart from anything else on the market.

  • Design
  • Front-End


When implementing the UX designs into actual screens, the mood and feel was meant to be lively and vibrant. Conveying that Kube had a lot of uses was important, as well as making features and text visible and strong on top of a soft gentle layout.

It's hip to be square

Rocksauce developed a custom-website for KUBE, to handle the level of complexity we were looking to incorporate in the design, with the inclusion of 3D models, rotating visuals based on mouse-movements, and then the introduction of expandable/collapsible panes of content, always in a “full-screen” format, taking over the complete browser screen.


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  • 500 ft


  • 350 w


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