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Bringing a network together

Experience Kubota is a conference scheduler & so much more.


Kubota is one of the most trusted, well-regarded names in heavy-equipment manufacturing. Established over 100 years ago in Japan, Kubota has developed a long-standing relationship between their company, their salesteam, and their buyers that continues to pay dividends for everyone involved.

Every year, the company puts together a large conference, bringing together executives, to business representatives, to dealers who work with farmers worldwide. What they needed was a slick, custom app that could serve as a guide for attendees to discover maps, conference schedules, and more.


Communication, continuous feedback loop & focus


Kubota and Rocksauce worked to discover what features we knew would be the most important to conference goers, while also keeping the entire application as clean, simple, and user friendly as possible.

Rocksauce utilized intuitive UX, simple design & polished development to give users everything they needed at the touch of their fingertips, and an app that wound up being used consistently months after the conference was over.

Kubota Logic-Map

Connecting people together

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Strategy & UX

As attendees walked around the convention floor, a major function of networking came from business cards and sales numbers, so losing your cards or forgetting to stop by a booth you meant to revisit later could cost you an opportunity to expand and strengthen your business. How do you get that information?

Rocksauce got down to work with their User Experience team to design a blueprint and flowcharts that fully covered all the needs of the app. Using this prototype, the artists, developers, and Kubota themselves could see and know everything that was going to be included and created.

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Branding & Design

Kubota was designed with soft grays and splashes of vivid oranges and greens. The app was so much more than just a simple map or directions, but it still had to look like one and be just as easy on the eyes. Personal features such as sales information and vendor business info could be access and saved for later reference.

Rocksauce assembled a comprehensive app that could be used again and again for future trade shows and events. Through our experience, hard work, and meeting user needs, we know any app idea can gain traction.

Rocksauce is ready to deal with any task no matter how large the industry.

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