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Simply stellar dog tracking.

Laelaps is the most precise GPS tracking collar available on the market.

The Problem

When you’re out in the wilds, whether hunting or exploring, you know man’s best friend is the dog by your side. But even the best-trained partner can catch a scent and head-off into unknown lands. What happens when a whistle or call doesn’t bring your buddy back?

Too many of the products on the market rely on cellular technology, which let’s face it, isn’t always available. When your dog may be lost, or worse, in trouble, a solution to track them down with available off-line maps, was vital. From this need, Laelaps was created.

Laelaps Unit

Branding inspired by the stars above

  • Branding


According to Greek Mythology, Laelaps was a marvelous hunting dog that never failed to catch whatever prey it had caught the scent of. Puportedly a gift from Zeus to Europa. Eventually trapped in a perpetual loop, trying to hunt a fox that could never be caught, Zeus chose to turn both to stone, eventually ushering them into the stars where they became constellations in the night sky.

The Laelaps device was built to make sure that any dog who wore it would never get lost. Working with the client, it became clear that the rich history of the name, such a driving force of the company, should be captured in the logo. Instead of using a direct facsimile of the constellation, we created a stylized hunting dog, drawn out in the style of a simplified constellation.

Laelaps Logo
  • Design
  • Front-End


For the design, we tapped into the powerful oranges used in the collar itself, a staple in hunting garb to help identify individuals in thick foliage. The app interface needed to be simple and straightforward, without a lot of superfluous unneeded elements. There’s no social sharing or need for extra baubles, just tracking collars and setting waypoints.

Our developers worked hand-in-hand with the Laelaps hardware manufacturers and firmware creators, to refine the technology as iterations happened. With cutting edge VHF connections used, a constant back and forth and shared information flow to ensure we were building software that could support the hardware’s abilities.


  • BT 10.0


  • 2 meter


  • 48 hr


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