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Mistbox creator Josh Teekell is one of those entrepreneurs that inspires you. Never satisfied with having his eggs in one basket, Josh is a multi-business owner, in all different types of industries, whether its landscaping, AI-driven recommendations, or IoT devices like the Mistbox. Rocksauce was building a completely different project for Josh when he asked us to help out on his new concept – the Mister.

The idea is simple: too much money is spent by air conditioning units pulling in hot summer air, so what if you cooled the temperature of the air down before bringing it into the unit? The result was initially titled the Mister, and the project immediately starting gaining traction. We helped as the company began to transition, working on the integrating the outside hardware with the mobile software.

Here's mist in your eye

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At the beginning, the hardware for Mistbox (the Mister at the time), was in-flux. Josh was working with engineers in numerous places, trying to come up with the correct iteration of industrial design, functionality, and API language that would allow the software we were building to connect to the Mistbox device, but also to work in conjunction with other open IOT/SmartHome products, such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Nest Smart Thermostat.

Our back-end experts coordinated regularly with the manufacturing / engineering teams on the Mistbox side, providing a sounding board for how APIs were working. Our QA team did a diligent job beating up both the hardware and software, finding places where the system broke down, allowing teams on both sides of the project to correct where needed to ensure a seamless experience no matter what type of device you were using to access the platform.

Evolution of Mistbox Hardware
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For the early-stage UX/UI, there was some concern that the concept may appear too obtuse for the average consumer to understand. Our job was to work hand-in-hand with the Mistbox team to discern a way to use visual cues that could get across the core concepts of the hardware/software combination, while also promoting the burgeoning brand that was starting to form.

Collectively our two teams decided to appeal to users by using easy to understand illustrations of the device, and of the air conditioning hardware that it was attached to. This combination would ground the concept, and cement its purpose in the audience’s mind. For additional flourish, we tapped into the time of day, and would slowly rotate/change the background to reflect current conditions.


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