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Finding a home that fits

Helping redefine one of the south's biggest manufactured home companies.


As you can see from the photo above, taken at Signature Building System’s fabrication plant, Oak Creek Homes cares about quality. The company has built over 50,000 homes throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. They are known as the premier manufactured home maker in the Southern United States. However, being great at making high-quality homes doesn’t necessarily translate over to having a great website.

Like many other businesses, Oak Creek Homes discovered that a vast majority of their new customers were going to their website, only to find an outdated, low-featured brochure-ware website. They needed help, and Rocksauce had the answer.


Empathy fuels deep domain knowledge to build it right

Starting with the blueprints

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Strategy & UX

The modern home had to have more than just a modern look. The shopping flow that new customers would have to use emphasized discovery and help with what products they need for their family. Extensive UX was created to map out the needs of both customers and Oak Creek themselves, to allow for customization without sacrificing layout.

Not only did we need to accommodate for the grown of the product line over time, but we needed to find compelling ways to entice users to give valuable sales information to their local representative. Older versions of the site simply listed every model, forcing users to find their own away around. We built an intuitive wizard that helped audiences visualize as they refined the search.

  • Design


The development revolved around a custom-iteration of their content management system, allowing Oak Creek to create new pages and assets as their company develops, but retaining the same look and feel on every single page.

With a strong foundation, a well-defined plan, and quality code, Rocksauce was able to bring the home of your dreams right to your doorstep.

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