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Local. Fresh. Artisan. Connected digitally.

Connecting farmers and food producers directly with their customers, all online.

The Problem

Locally sourced, fresh food is more than a fad – it’s a way of life. People want to know where their food is coming from, what the conditions were when it was produced, and who the producers were. Unfortunately, throughout America, “food-deserts” are too common-place, where the only available options are pre-packaged and preservative heavy food.

Food producers have an abundance of product, but relying on supermarket chains or food distribution hubs is a bulk-operation. Our challenge was designing as system that would allow consumers to get in direct contact with farmers or dairy providers, make the selections that worked for their family, and then get the product to the buyers.

Fresh brand for a fresh idea

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With a great name like The Market Garden at our disposal, our team already had some great ideas for what we wanted the corporate branding to look like. Our focus was to make sure that the vibrant, fresh nature of the product would shine through. Every time someone saw The Market Garden logo, we wanted them to immediately imagine fresh produce being chopped on wooden cutting boards.

We also wanted to visually represent the play-on-words that was happening, by combining concepts of both a garden, and a market, since the beauty of the concept is the merging of these two different industries into one.

  • Design


Because fruit, produce, meat, and dairy products tend to be visually beautiful, we knew it was important to let those colors shine through. A corporate palette featuring shades of green was a natural fit, but we added in warm grays, tans, and wood-textures along the way, to continue that authentic feeling. Consumers who use The Market Garden will be looking for a genuine connection, and our design needed to back that up.

Our interface concepts were clean, and put the vital information right up front, with a clear navigation, punch branding, calls to action for search or to learn about the growers that are providing the product. Once you get into the products, you can not only see what’s available, but what farms are providing it and their locations. For sellers, an inventory/ordering system was designed to help them keep track of their goods.

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