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WIN Atlas

Finding your place in the world.

Hit the books

The pressure to succeed when you’re in high school is daunting. Students are about to take their first steps into the brand new world of adulthood, and many have to decide what they want to do for the rest of their life. That’s a lot of careers to choose from, and it can be scary.

WIN Learning already had a career calculator to help students figure out what they want to do, but their website was a little dated to the eyes of those raised in a world of internet and apps. Something had to change to get kids more interested in their future. Rocksauce was there to take them to school.


Using UX Strategy to save time, money & happiness

The world on your shoulders

WIN Atlas was formed to allow students to narrow down their future careers, using the same quizzes and tests and resources as the WIN Learning website. Everyone has a smartphone, and children are no exception. With the power of career searching in their pocket, they were ready to face the coming challenges a little bit better.

Most educational administrative sites tend to be bare-bones, only having simple drop-down and entry fields, made to be functional only in content and not style. They require using very old browsers to access, locking out more and more people as time and technology march on. Progress needed to happen.

Rocksauce and the lesson plan

  • Strategy


Rocksauce had to parse a lot of information about how the job placement algorithm functioned, and how to make it work with a new and modern interface. User interaction and participation is needed, so the new user flows were made to get a student started right away, regardless of how serious they were taking the app.

Users can take extended tests to determine what kind of jobs one is more suited for on conceptual levels such as Artistic and Practical, and other tests to determine what field of study fits their skills and interests. Whether you know what you want, have an idea, or are in the dark, WIN Atlas covers it all. Occupations they had interest in could be saved for later reference, and any personal goals, class milestones, or qualifications could be tracked if needed.

  • Branding
  • Design

Branding & Design

When deciding on look and feel, a lot of ideas went back and forth. The challenge was to find a balance between professional standards and ease of use for younger, but still experienced users. The iconography revolved around a familiarity with app usage, but styled to merge angular and sharp with soft and round. Colors had to be flat but still pop. Text had to be stern but not forceful.

WIN Atlas serves a higher purpose in getting a younger generation on their feet and running using what they’ve already learned on their own. With Rocksauce’s high quality art, design, and code, the education industry has made a new friend at the lunch table.

At Rocksauce, taking learning to new heights is possible.

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