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A guide for emoticon apps

Storming the
Ivory Tower

Simple UX theory
for a complex world

Stop debating &
start innovating


5 Steps of
Design Thinking

12 Laws of UX

12 Laws of



Hick’s Law

More choices = more decision time.
Remove noise. Focus users on one
or two key goals with a simple,
targeted design. Revise copy until
it’s simple + compelling.

Hick’s Law

Folks spend most of their time with
other products. They expect yours
to work the same.

Follow conventions for most things,
rolling out new ideas for something
truly special.


Effort increases as we move
closer to a goal.
Show progress bars, numbers
of total steps + what’s coming
next to help motivate people

Design thinking

An iterative process to find an
unknown answer to an unknown
problem. Created to understand
the user, challenge assumptions,
and redefine problems in an
attempt to identify alternative
strategies + solutions.

Workplace silo

The mindset present when
certain departments don’t wish to
share information with others
which causes delays and
increased rework.


A defined team of stakeholders
and designers explore a wide
set of ideas and create a shared
vision to move forward within a
short amount of time. It
incorporates brainstorming,
critique, and prioritization into
one condensed session.