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  • Emoji's & Emoticons

    Emojis: A Guide to Emoticon Apps

    Emoji apps provide a direct path to Rocksauce’s core company philosophy – “We don’t create apps; we create happiness.” The emojis that came with your device – the ones you use on a daily basis – are a part of the established Unicode standard. In the simplest of terms, Unicode is an underlying numerical language…

    Find your app-ucation, we present Apps101

  • Lawrence Chan, Project Manager

    User Story Driven Features

    at Rocksauce Studios

    User story driven features & re-estimation

  • Simple UX Theory for a Complex World

    Storming the Ivory Tower

    Human beings are creatures of top-down construction. We have central processing units in the form of brains that dictate instructions to each part of the body. The cells that compose us are obedient automatons. Unless damaged or infected by an external source, our cells do not have the option of rebelling against our brains. Download…

    Find your app-ucation, we present Apps101

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