Innovation is the result of new ideas applied to form new products and concepts

At Rocksauce, “innovation” is defined as the process of making an idea or invention, from recognizing a problem, into a good or service that creates value. These can be problems that your customers are facing (thus leading to new products and services that your organization can provide), or problems that your organization is experiencing (thus resulting in improvements in your internal structure or processes).

During our expert-led innovation workshops, we’ll provide you with the
outcomes we discovered during the workshop so that your teams can keep using them in future business challenges. By going through these innovation exercises, your team will discover solutions and ideas outside of their usual thinking.

Which workshop works best for your team?

1 Day Session

When you have too many problems to solve, the Innovation Workshop from Rocksauce will help you make the decisions that will have the largest impact on your business.

Our 1 Day workshop will give you a taste for the Innovation process and documentation with a scope for our teams to continue working together.

Discover + Ideate + Define
3 Day Session

If your team can’t do testing and prototyping right away, a 3 Day Innovation Workshop from Rocksauce is the ideal way to accelerate towards launch.

After the three days you’ll get a taste of the Discovery process and build sprint plans for the solutions we focus on during the workshop.

Discover + Ideate + Define Prototype + Test
5 Day Session

Investing in an Innovation Workshop from Rocksauce is better than being wrong. Be right about your ideas, about your market, about how users interact with your product.

At the end of a 5 Day workshop your team will have the tools they need to continue forward on innovating in a smart and measurable way that will benefit your bottom line as well as a prototype and tangible takeaways from the test assessments.

Innovation Workshops Breakdown

Design Workshops
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