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  • Art

    Rest in Purple Power, Prince

    With a heavy heart, we here at Rocksauce Studios fondly remember the legendary artist, Prince, who passed away at 57 today.

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 04/17/16

  • Appvice

    Tricks for Crafting Killer Apps for Your Clients

    Creating an app for a client is a very different story from creating one for yourself. In order to have a quality end result, you need to be in tune with not only your clients’…

    Posted by Q Manning on 04/09/16

  • Appvice

    5 things you need to know about building a great self-help app

    Mobile technology has changed the landscape of the self-help world. Whereas once people had to read long books, carry around notepads, and try to remember all the life lessons offered by gurus, today they can…

    Posted by Q Manning on 04/01/16

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