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  • Appvice

    3 Steps to Keep Drama Out of the Workplace

    The election is over, and as we head into the holiday season, a lot of families are dreading the awkward conversations that may hover over the dinner table. Of course, families can take their time…

    Posted by Michael Manning on 11/30/16

  • Marketing

    3 Steps for Getting Your Company More Involved in Your Community

    It's tempting for young companies to put "getting involved in the community" on the to-do list for the future. They wait until the company is more established, more employees are on board, or a few…

    Posted by Michael Manning on 11/17/16

  • UX

    Incorporating the Latest Speech Tech Into Your UX

    Nobody used keyboards in the sci-fi of our childhoods. Whether it was the control system of starships or the hub of a utopian world, every interaction was based on human speech. Opening the pod doors…

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/09/16

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