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  • Development

    VR: 3 steps to Prepare for the Ongoing Revolution

    Virtual reality may be the buzziest tech of 2016, but it hasn’t hit critical adoption levels quite yet. Despite its recent advancements, VR seems to many casual observers like a clunky throwback to ’80s science…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/30/17

  • Development

    5 Ways to Be More Mobile-Friendly in 2017

    Look away from your screen for a second. Go ahead; I’ll wait. What’s going on in the world around you? Are any other people looking up from their screens, or are they all just as…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/26/17

  • Marketing

    What We Do Wednesdays: Kill the Cookie Cutter Team

    Rocksauce CRO Michael Manning and Operations Manager Ashley Landavazo take time every Wednesday to bring up a topic that can help agencies and startups with their business operations. This week's topic for What We Do…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/25/17

  • Business

    Dear Managers: Quit Adulting and Start Playing

    It is still January, and being the top performing manager you are, you have been thinking of ways to be better at work. Not a resolution of course, because those are meant to be broken.…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/22/17

  • UX

    UX Tips: Blood From A Stone

    “If they use it this way, we’ll make millions!" This statement sums up an unfortunate attitude that is all too easy for Appreneurs to assume during the design phase. It’s a statement that seems innocent…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/21/17

  • Marketing

    The Quest for Spectacles: The First Wearable to Truly Get It Right

    It all started last September when Snapchat made a big announcement; They were changing their company name from Snapchat to Snap Inc. and becoming a camera company. Their first hardware product? Spectacles. The idea behind…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/09/17

  • Marketing

    Join Us for ‘What We Do Wednesdays’ on Facebook Live

    Every Wednesday Rocksauce's Chief Relationship Officer Michael Manning and Operations Manager Ashley Landavazo will be hosting 'What We Do Wednedays' on Facebook Live to discuss work culture, trends, and issues facing tech startups and agencies…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/04/17

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