5 Quick Tips to Unlock Creativity

Unlock creativity through a Rocksauce design workshop.

5. Create a mood board of inspiring products.

They don’t have to be directly related to what you’re working on. This exercise is about looking at ideas and approaches.

4. Get insight from an outside perspective.

Talk about your project with someone who has a point-of-view far different from your own.

3. Create rapid fire “How Might We” sticky notes.

Frame your opportunities as “how might we…” statements. Write as many as possible in a set time. The goal is quantity over quality here, and when the exercise is done, determine which ones are your real focus.

2. Ask five “Why’s” to uncover the root of a problem.

Ask a “why” question related to your problem (“why can’t we be productive in the morning?”). Then ask a why question related to that question (“why can’t I set some scheduled time aside for productivity?”). Drill down five times to close in on the root of how to solve a problem.

1. Draw something!

You don’t have to be an artist! Visually map out your options through collage, shapes, or stick figures that represent a flow or a concept. The “crazy eights” design exercise was created to get those creative juices flowing.

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