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  • Marketing

    The Quest for Spectacles: The First Wearable to Truly Get It Right

    It all started last September when Snapchat made a big announcement; They were changing their company name from Snapchat to Snap Inc. and becoming a camera company. Their first hardware product? Spectacles. The idea behind…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/09/17

  • Marketing

    Join Us for ‘What We Do Wednesdays’ on Facebook Live

    Every Wednesday Rocksauce's Chief Relationship Officer Michael Manning and Operations Manager Ashley Landavazo will be hosting 'What We Do Wednedays' on Facebook Live to discuss work culture, trends, and issues facing tech startups and agencies…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/04/17

  • Marketing

    A Look Back at Using Samsung’s Gear VR in 2016

    2016 has been a big one for mobile VR but it didn't start out promising. For the last couple years Google Cardboard has been the only bet in town. It was Samsung, partnering with Facebook's…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 12/27/16

  • Marketing

    Our Picks for SXSW PanelPicker 2017

    Forget back to school! Have you heard the good news? SXSW 2017 season has begun! Voting for PanelPicker has begun -- and you must submit your vote no later than Sept 2nd to let the…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 08/20/16

  • Art

    Rest in Purple Power, Prince

    With a heavy heart, we here at Rocksauce Studios fondly remember the legendary artist, Prince, who passed away at 57 today.

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 04/17/16

  • UX

    UX Inspiration: UX Goes to the Movies

    Can you get UX inspiration from anywhere? Sure ya can! Here a few popular films with lessons we can apply to the job of user experience. About John Gholson: Since 2010, John Gholson has done…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 03/21/16

  • UX

    UX for VR: Why Are They Strapping Boxes To Their Foreheads?

    Virtual Reality is in the news right now in a big way. It’s being called the latest craze, but let’s be clear: this is not a fad. This is not a gimmick. VR is the…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 02/15/16

  • UX

    White Paper: Storming the Ivory Tower

    The Ivory Tower, a place where brilliant minds mingle far removed from practical concerns, is a powerful metaphor from ancient culture that effectively captures an all-too-prevalent mode of outdated thinking that must be overcome for…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/29/16

  • Art

    Webby Honoree 2015: Rocksauce Studios

    The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Reflecting the tremendous growth of the Internet, The Webbys now honors excellence in 5 major media types: Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media,…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 04/13/15

  • AppDevChat

    App Developer Chat: All Things iOS8

    Yesterday on #AppDevChat we had a discussion about the latest from Apple’s WWDC announcements for iOS8. AppDevChat is open to any app developers, marketers or others interested in learning about developing, creating, inventing, marketing apps.…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 06/12/14

  • AppDevChat

    App Developer Chat: Appitalize On Your Idea with Justin Esgar

    Last time on #AppDevChat we had a discussion with Justin Esgar, Author of Appitalize On Your Idea. A serial entrepreneur with an inspiring message that you can do anything you set your mind to. AppDevChat…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 02/03/14

  • AppDevChat

    App Developer Chat: The Pros and Cons of DIY Marketing

    Last time on #AppDevChat we had a discussion about Do It Yourself Marketing for App Developers. We discussed the Pros and Cons of doing it yourself in this fast growing industry. AppDevChat is open to…

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 01/21/14

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