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  • Development

    How to Maximize Engagement With Intelligent Apps

    With intelligent apps topping the list of strategic trends for 2017, bridging the gap between man and machine is coming much closer to reality. In fact, the trend is so strong it won’t likely lose…

    Posted by Q Manning on 03/22/17

  • Business

    VR’s Hope for Survival Lies Outside the Gaming World

    Remember when virtual reality was considered a ridiculous pipe dream relegated to ’80s sci-fi stories? Well, leading into the 2016 holiday season, it seemed like that “Tron”-like dream had come true. You could just mention…

    Posted by Q Manning on 02/21/17

  • UX

    Improving User Satisfaction Through Design

    There’s no question that users will abandon any Web site or mobile app they don’t enjoy using. User experience is a key determinant of success or failure. Yet 73 percent of industry executives see user…

    Posted by Q Manning on 02/21/17

  • Development

    VR: 3 steps to Prepare for the Ongoing Revolution

    Virtual reality may be the buzziest tech of 2016, but it hasn’t hit critical adoption levels quite yet. Despite its recent advancements, VR seems to many casual observers like a clunky throwback to ’80s science…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/30/17

  • Development

    5 Ways to Be More Mobile-Friendly in 2017

    Look away from your screen for a second. Go ahead; I’ll wait. What’s going on in the world around you? Are any other people looking up from their screens, or are they all just as…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/26/17

  • UX

    UX Tips: Blood From A Stone

    “If they use it this way, we’ll make millions!" This statement sums up an unfortunate attitude that is all too easy for Appreneurs to assume during the design phase. It’s a statement that seems innocent…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/21/17

  • Development

    Is Apple Going to Delete Your App? Here’s How You Can Save It.

    Until now, an outdated or half-baked app could be left sitting around, collecting a slow trickle of downloads even after its developers stopped pushing out updates. But that digital norm is about to change, as…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/25/16

  • Development

    Smartphone Technologies to Consider When Developing an App

    Apple has long been at the forefront of minimalistic, user-focused design. Back in the ‘80s, Steve Jobs created the Macintosh computer with a single button, bringing to life an aesthetic trend that continues to this…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/12/16

  • Appvice

    5 Steps to Bring Users Back to Your App

    Are push notifications getting too pushy? Or are they the perfect ingredient to spice-up app engagement -- when used sparingly? According to a recent study by Blueshift, personalized mobile push notifications receive a 2,770 percent…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/02/16

  • UX

    Incorporating the Latest Speech Tech Into Your UX

    Nobody used keyboards in the sci-fi of our childhoods. Whether it was the control system of starships or the hub of a utopian world, every interaction was based on human speech. Opening the pod doors…

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/09/16

  • Marketing

    How to Pursue the Perfect Virtual Reality Experience

    Even in today’s tech-driven, gadget-filled world, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t completely enamored with virtual reality. Just the concept of strapping on a pair of goggles and being whisked into a different…

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/23/16

  • Appvice

    3 Strategies for Taking a Bite out of the Booming App Market

    "There's an app for that" used to be a tongue-in-cheek slogan in the iPhone's early days. Now, it's a fact of life: By 2020, it's estimated that 6.1 billion people will rely on smartphones. Users…

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/09/16

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