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  • Appvice

    4 Ways to Avoid Nintendo’s Super Mario Mobile Mistake

    For gamers of all ages, few properties elicit more excitement than a certain Italian plumber in a red cap and well-worn overalls. Gaming juggernaut Nintendo was banking on this in December when it released Super…

    Posted by Q Manning on 02/07/17

  • Appvice

    5 Steps to Bring Users Back to Your App

    Are push notifications getting too pushy? Or are they the perfect ingredient to spice-up app engagement -- when used sparingly? According to a recent study by Blueshift, personalized mobile push notifications receive a 2,770 percent…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/02/16

  • Appvice

    3 Steps to Keep Drama Out of the Workplace

    The election is over, and as we head into the holiday season, a lot of families are dreading the awkward conversations that may hover over the dinner table. Of course, families can take their time…

    Posted by Michael Manning on 11/30/16

  • Appvice

    3 Strategies for Taking a Bite out of the Booming App Market

    "There's an app for that" used to be a tongue-in-cheek slogan in the iPhone's early days. Now, it's a fact of life: By 2020, it's estimated that 6.1 billion people will rely on smartphones. Users…

    Posted by Q Manning on 10/09/16

  • Appvice

    There’s Still Room for Apps: 3 Tips for Independent Developers

    Global app downloads are on the decline, even for the most popular in Apple’s App Store. Out of established apps in the U.S., only Uber and Snapchat saw download growth in recent months. So what gives?…

    Posted by Q Manning on 09/14/16

  • Appvice

    Virtual Reality and the Evolution of Our Senses

    Any time a new technology is introduced to the public, the initial conversation surrounding it is often centered around one thing — entertainment value. This is how many innovators get people on board with new…

    Posted by Q Manning on 07/27/16

  • Appvice

    3 Steps to Profit With Shared Data Experiences

    These days, sensors are everywhere: Phones know where their users have been, what music they’ve listened to and which events they've agreed to attend. And while the data that results is a powerful tool for…

    Posted by Q Manning on 06/23/16

  • Appvice

    Enjoy the Simple Pleasures (of Your App)

    When it comes to creating an app, one of the worst things you can do as an entrepreneur is to try and please everybody. It’s an easy trap to fall into — in theory, the…

    Posted by Q Manning on 05/11/16

  • Appvice

    Tricks for Crafting Killer Apps for Your Clients

    Creating an app for a client is a very different story from creating one for yourself. In order to have a quality end result, you need to be in tune with not only your clients’…

    Posted by Q Manning on 04/09/16

  • Appvice

    5 things you need to know about building a great self-help app

    Mobile technology has changed the landscape of the self-help world. Whereas once people had to read long books, carry around notepads, and try to remember all the life lessons offered by gurus, today they can…

    Posted by Q Manning on 04/01/16

  • Appvice

    Want to Build the Next Candy Crush? Here’s How.

    I have good news and bad news for app developers. The good news is that consumers are insatiable when it comes to great apps. Usage patterns indicate that the most engaged users frequently search for…

    Posted by Q Manning on 03/31/16

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