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    5 Ways to Be More Mobile-Friendly in 2017

    Look away from your screen for a second. Go ahead; I’ll wait. What’s going on in the world around you? Are any other people looking up from their screens, or are they all just as…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/26/17

  • Development

    Is Apple Going to Delete Your App? Here’s How You Can Save It.

    Until now, an outdated or half-baked app could be left sitting around, collecting a slow trickle of downloads even after its developers stopped pushing out updates. But that digital norm is about to change, as…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/25/16

  • Development

    Smartphone Technologies to Consider When Developing an App

    Apple has long been at the forefront of minimalistic, user-focused design. Back in the ‘80s, Steve Jobs created the Macintosh computer with a single button, bringing to life an aesthetic trend that continues to this…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/12/16

  • Appvice

    Virtual Reality and the Evolution of Our Senses

    Any time a new technology is introduced to the public, the initial conversation surrounding it is often centered around one thing — entertainment value. This is how many innovators get people on board with new…

    Posted by Q Manning on 07/27/16

  • Development

    Why game developers should take a serious look at Apple TV

    Apple will continue trying to carve out more market share in American living rooms. The television has been the center of every house’s entertainment for decades, and that isn’t changing any time soon. Despite the…

    Posted by Q Manning on 05/16/16

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