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    No microinteractions create a Bad User Experience!

    What the hell are microinteractions? A big, fancy word? Yes. Also a vital part of making a product feel great. Microinteractions are what happens when you interact with something in an interface.

    Posted by Rocksauce Studios on 09/03/20

  • Q & Answers

    5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Design

    We work with designers every day and often with customers who want to know more about designing. Don't fall into these design traps. Here are five ways you're sabotaging your design.

    Posted by Q Manning on 08/24/20

  • Q & Answers

    The world is changing. Avoid being left behind

    Posted by Teresa Seale on 08/10/20

  • Q & Answers

    What is Digital First and why is it Important?

    When this pandemic is over (whenever that might be), handshake businesses will return to some degree. But digital is never going to go away and it is likely to become even more prominent.

    Posted by Q Manning on 07/13/20

  • Q & Answers

    Help! My big idea was a flop!

    It happens. It happens to everybody. You rolled out an idea, you tried something, and it totally flopped. What do you do?

    Posted by Q Manning on 07/02/20

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    Five Core Principles of Design Psychology

    Great design is unbelievably important. So I'm laying out Five Core Principles of Design Psychology to make sure that we're doing the right thing for every audience.

    Posted by Q Manning on 06/05/20

  • Q & Answers

    Solve Enterprise Problems with a Proof of Concept

    Posted by Q Manning on 05/26/20

  • Q & Answers

    The Curse of Knowledge: Finding Intuitive Solutions

    Having a healthy balance of industry experts with fresh perspectives can allow for elegant solutions. The experts in the room will help make sure things don’t go too far off the beaten path while the…

    Posted by Q Manning on 01/27/20

  • Q & Answers

    Does Branding Matter on Internal projects?

    Brand is reputation. It's how people know you. It's often based on corporate culture and corporate values. It's what you are in the community. It's how people remember you.

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/06/19

  • Q & Answers

    Explain a Design Sprint in 1 Minute…GO!

    A Design Sprint is the concept of setting aside a chunk of time, usually 4 to 5 days, to conduct back-to-back workshops and design/testing sessions. The process is meant to validate a product idea in…

    Posted by Q Manning on 12/03/19

  • Q & Answers

    Why Does “Ugly Design” Sometimes Work Better?

    Designers like to make beautiful things. Whether it's posters, logos, websites, or apps, designers want to make things they're proud of. Beautiful design lets a designer brag to their peers, "Hey! I did that!" Also,…

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/14/19

  • Q & Answers

    Do Designers Need to Be Industry Experts?

    A designer's role is to solve problems by communicating to your user base through design. Your role is to be the expert on your subject matter and what you're trying to accomplish.

    Posted by Q Manning on 11/07/19

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